Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Serving with the Apache people
Worshiping with the beautiful people of the White Mountain Apache Tribe

What a joy it was to serve and celebrate God with the brothers and sisters of the White Mountain Apache tribe. Joe and his team traveled to Whiteriver, Arizona in June where they partnered with churches during the 76th annual Fort Apache Campmeeting.
       During their week they helped renovate a church, held nightly youth services, and served the revival through various cleanup projects. 
"I just walked away . . ."
This is a quote from a first year student we met earlier this year. Despite having a consistent church background and supportive family, she decided to “try everything she could,” even though she knew her actions contradicted her beliefs. Sadly, her story is not an unusual case. The Barna group and the Pew Research Foundation estimate that as many as 7 out of 10 young adults disconnect from church post-high school with only half returning later. You placing us in the path of these students at UNC has led to her renewing her faith, and beginning an in-depth discipling process through Chi Alpha.
“Nones” growing
At 23% the percentage of religiously non-affiliated adults (Nones) in America is greater than the percentages of Catholics (21%), and mainline Protestants (14.7%). It is also roughly equal to the number of Evangelicals (25%).
A generation reaching a generation
The 2015-17 Chi Alpha UNC Leadership Team
Josiah 12, Elijah 7
The boys started back to school July 18th—Josiah in the 7th grade & Elijah in the 2nd grade. Both have discovered a passion for baseball. It is our desire to take them on their first mission trip next June to South Africa. 
Urgent Funding Needed
We have done our best over the last five years to be good stewards of the funds our ministry partners have entrusted to us. As a result, we have seen many lives changed and a growth in the overall ministry. However, due to many external factors we find ourselves in urgent need of an additional $700/ month in new financial partnership in order to remain on campus.  1) Is there anyone you know that you would recommend us and the ministry to? Would you connect us with them? 2) Would you consider increasing your giving? Any amount makes a difference.3) Would you pray with us for additional partners? 
Ways to give: 1) Online at Simply click “Donate Now” and enter Joseph Newell  in the search. 2) Checks can be made out to US Missions and mailed to 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802. Put account # 292733-3 on the memo line.
A great first half in XA

Many new students have joined the fellowship this Fall. We are busy preparing for our Summer missions trip to the White Mountain Apache Reservation. The International student ministry has grown. Over Thanksgiving we baptized one of our students! Thanks to all who pray and give.

Top: Ready for Fall Fest. Middle: International Student Dinner at our house. Bottom: Fall Retreat with David Crabtree.

A not so beautiful view

This is the kind of view most students dream of when they get to college. A crisp clear Fall day with a colorful array of foliage painted in the trees. However, late one Saturday night it was anything but the ideal. Struggling with self-worth and depression, David grabbed the rail of this dormitory balcony and slipped over the edge into the night below, hoping to end the pain and loneliness he had endured for so long. As he lay motionless on the ground four stories down, he wondered why he was still alive. He was amazed further to find he was unharmed. Lesser attempts had always resulted in injury before, he thought. That night David met Jesus in a dream and found his way a few days later to Chi Alpha through one of our students. I've been meeting with him one-on-one for the past year and a half. David has consumed God's word, and his identity in Christ, like few I have encountered. He is now on our student leadership team sharing his story; and he is set to both graduate and get married next year. This is why we partner to reach college students.

Sports and school, school and sports

        The Fall as been full of activity for our family. Newell boys and sports kind of go hand in hand. It’s what you do. Elijah completed his first season of baseball and did very well. Josiah finished his fifth year of football. Elijah (Warriors) and Josiah (Mavericks) are currently playing basketball. They have both done very well in school. Elijah is reading above grade level; and Josiah is enjoying middle school, where he is part of the robotics and gardening clubs. 

Christian Ministry Center Opens at UNC
The North Carolina Study Center (NCSC) opened this Fall on North Campus.
       NCSC’s mission is “to welcome the university community into the pursuit of truth and study of scripture through hospitality in cooperation with other ministries. 
       Chi Alpha has already made weekly use of the facilities for meetings. To have access to a privately owned gathering place on campus is an amazing freedom. We have partnered with the Center for multiple activities.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spring 2015

17 Baptisms, 22 Universities-ACSICM
(May 9-16, Nags Head NC)
       This year’s Atlantic Coast Student Institute for Campus Ministry was a great success. Approximately 150 students from 22 universities attended the weeklong training in order to better prepare themselves to effectively share Christ on their campuses and deepen their faith. Students came from from far and near, including Oklahoma, Vermont, and Florida, to study theology, prayer, evangelism and discipleship. The highlight of the week was the baptizing of 17 students in the Atlantic Ocean. 

XA Internship Opens This Fall at NCSU
The first North Carolina Chi Alpha internship kicks off this Fall. It will be based out of North Carolina State in Raleigh and will train graduates who sense a call to vocational university ministry. The very first intern? A UNC-Chi Alpha graduate of course! (Above: Julie Rowland-- a four year XA leader is the very first intern.)Please join with us in prayer over the growth and effectiveness of this ministry as we hope to plant many more Chi Alphas through the ministers that the internship produces.
Chi Alpha in Turkey-Spring Break
Top: Our team in front of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. It was once the center of all Christendom. Bottom: Some of our students outside the Blue Mosque. For more information on this trip please contact us directly.
Graduations Already?
       We’re not sure what to make of the whole graduate from elementary school or kindergarten initiative. That said, Elijah (K to 1st) and Josiah (5th to 6th) are scheduled to “graduate” this June. Both have done very well in school this year.
       In July Josiah will begin Middle School followed quickly by his 5th season of tackle football. Elijah moves into First Grade where he is already above grade level on his reading. He’s just finishing soccer and will likely begin playing baseball in the Fall. Elijah just turned 6 on May 12th. Josiah turns 12 in November.      

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter 2014

On The Hill          WINTER 2014

A Bible in the Bricks
Chi Alpha - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Two years ago “David” stood outside the door to our Large Group meeting in the student union and asked to speak to me. He was crying and wanted to know what I thought about how God viewed suicide.
       He has since become a regular XA member. David’s life group leader challenged him to read the Bible more. He struggled with wanting to until one day he prayed that God would encourage him to read the Bible. 
       That same day David was walking along a brick wall on campus when he noticed something sticking out of the bricks. It was a Bible, seemingly placed there at random.
       Sparked by God’s answer to his prayer, David recently approached Joe about taking the “Intro to Student Leadership” class during the Spring to become a student leader! 

Students spell U-N-C at Fall Retreat.

Life group prayer

Over 40 joined us for our Fall gathering. 

Has it been four years already? 

       Strange to think that four years could go by so quickly! Thanks to your prayers and giving we have seen an increase in disciples, small groups, and graduates giving back as campus ministers over the last four years. We will need your support over the next term to continue raising up students as followers of Christ. If you chose to give once-per term, please consider partnering with us again now. 


 A few months ago we sent out a request as it relates to our funding. Several of you have stepped up your support. It has made a significant difference in our ability to minister. We want all of you to know how grateful we are. That said we are still $500/month short of where we need to be.

      God is doing a deep work amongst us at the nation’s oldest public university. 
       It has, however, become critical that we raise the funds we lack in order to remain on campus and not have to leave to raise funds full time.
How you can help:
Recommend us to friends
Pray for provision
Invites to services (We have openings throughout the year. Joe will be in Arizona in April for the 75th Council.)

Duct-taping trees

  As many of you know, we expanded our family on May 31st of this year to include three amazing souls. What could not be known in the intervening months was that two of the children would turn out to be severely therapeutic. 
       Through months of crisis intervention, hospital stays, and many sleepless nights, it was determined that the children needed a level of care that we were unable to provide. As a result they were removed from our home. This has taken an enormous toll on our entire family.
Much like the tree in our front yard we are in the healing process. The duct-tape is attempting to hold all the bark that was ripped off the tree to see if it can be made whole. Thank you for your prayers and support during this time.

How to partner with us financially 

There are multiple ways that you can partner with us at UNC. You can give monthly, once-off, annually, by check or by credit card. Below are ways to pledge and give. Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us financially. 
By check: Make out to “US Missions”  put 292733-3 on memo line. Send to US Missions, 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802. 
 click here to GIVE ONLINE monthly, or one time gifts.

Elijah 5 yr old with his cousin/ best friend

Josiah 11 yrs old

6102 Coronado Lane, Durham NC 27713/
919.452.9539 or 520.603.4888/ Facebook: Joe Newell or Mishael Walker Newell

AGUSM Missions account #292733-3

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

This Fall we will be challenging ourselves to Live Dead. This is counter-intuitive of course in a time where we worship choice and personal happiness. But Jesus challenges us to lay our lives down for others. There is no greater love (John 15:13). So we count the costs not just of going against the flow of culture, but the cost of loving others by living dead. Live Dead is a mission to unreached peoples that we are partnered with in West Africa. This Spring we will send the second of five teams to Mali to give ourselves away.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer 2014

Making a difference?

Chi Alpha - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
       “I got healing from freshman year. I was confused and wounded. Through Chi Alpha He (God) grabbed my attention.”
       “In Chi Alpha God is stretching me until I’m about to break, and then molding me.”
       “I wouldn’t have made it through college without Chi Alpha. The major difference with XA is the intimacy. It’s made me stronger.”

       “People took the time to know me. I feel like someone cared about me.”

XA Students, staff head to Rwanda, Liberia, Mali, India
“Every student prays, every student gives, every student goes” has been the mantra of Chi Alpha for years. This year our students have given even above their means to see others go and share the gospel. They not only gave generously financially, but they gave of themselves. Three of our students joined missionaries Glen & Karen Smith in Mali over Spring Break to reach out to local schools and the street children known as the Garibu boys. In addition, XA-UNC students spread the word in Liberia and Rwanda. This August one of our staff members will travel to India for a two-week mission. 

Boys going to the same school
This year Josiah and Elijah will attend the same school for the first time. Josiah is headed into the 5th grade after receiving an award for academic excellence. Elijah (right) just graduated from pre-K and will enter kindergarten at Pearsontown Elementary later this month. Both are very active. Josiah will begin his fourth year of football on August 1st. Elijah will be starting gymnastics this Fall.
Josiah at the beach this summer. He'll turn 11 in November
Elijah just "graduated from pre-K. He turned 5 in May.

Blending together a family of seven
As some of you know, we expanded our family on May 31st of this year to include three amazing souls. God placed on our hearts many years ago the desire to adopt. After many starts and stops we became licensed foster-to-adopt parents in December of 2012. And after much prayer and searching we were matched and blessed with two more boys and a daughter. This continues to present many challenges to all of us. But we are proud to be their parents, as well as to Josiah & Elijah. In case you are wondering, here are their ages: Lazavia 13, Kyron 11, Josiah 10, Myon 9, Elijah 5. (We are not able at this time to post photos or full names of the children)

How to partner financially with us
There are multiple ways that you can partner with us at UNC. You can give monthly, once-off, annually, by check or by credit card. Below is the address for sending in a check, as well as the online link for pledging and giving. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Thank you for prayerfully considering partnering with us financially. 
By check: Make out to “US Missions” & put 292733-3 on memo line. Send to US Missions, 1445 N. Boonville Ave, Springfield, MO 65802. Online:

It has been many years since we’ve found ourselves in an underfunded status. At present we are in need of additional monthly support ($750/month), as well as cash offerings to bolster our outreaches and lean months. 
      God is doing a deep work amongst us at the nation’s oldest public university. We are very grateful to all of you for your continued partnership in this mission. 
      It has, however, become critical that we raise the funds we lack in order to remain on campus and not have to leave to raise funds full time.
How you can help:
Recommend us to friends
Pray for provision
Invites to services (We have openings July, September, October, November & December)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sittin' by the pond.

 Creating A Community of Christ Followers
Above: Day Hikes have been a popular outing. We’ve had Buddhists, Atheists, and Agnostics join us for some great introductions to Christ and His followers.

Below: Meeting new students through campus outreach. Above: Our annual Pumpkin carving/painting attracts many new students.

Celebrating the end of the semester with our XA Christmas party.

Year off to a great start     
      From a student being baptized in the Holy Spirit, and significant growth in Spiritual maturity and students joining the fellowship, our third year at Carolina is off to a great start.
      In the upcoming semester we’ll be adding new leaders, sending students to Mali, and hosting international students on a week-long trip to Washington D.C.